Rusty Hodges

Rusty has been in the medical field and serving his community for over 30 years. A graduate from Brunswick College’s "Operation Room Technician" program, Rusty continued his education with the goal of becoming an EMT. Already certified in CPR and Advanced First Aid, he was able to ride along as a third person working calls with Liberty County EMS. Eventually, Rusty became a certified EMT and was hired by Wayne County EMS.

When it became time to advance his career once again, Rusty began paramedic school. While in school, he maintained his full time position at Wayne County EMS as well as part time jobs at multiple other EMS services. It was 1995 when we first employed Rusty. In 2009, Rusty retired from Wayne County EMS and became a full time employee at Okefenokee EMS.

Rusty enjoys spending time with his 4 children, two grandsons, and Melody - his wife of 31 years. Rusty strives every day to be the best he can in his field, and he is quoted as saying, "EMS is a life you have to love."