Ryan Hodges


Ryan Hodges, RN/Paramedic

                I have been in EMS since 1985. I have wanted to be a paramedic since I was a child. I informed my counselor I wanted to be an Emergency Medical Technician when I entered High School. He immediately enrolled me in all the college prep courses. I had all the AP classes throughout high school and went to Georgia Southern University majoring in Medical Technology. I realized I was majoring to become a Lab Tech after a short period. I enrolled in Ware Tech and was extremely disappointed that I had suffered through 4 years of AP classes when I could have been doing the vocational classes all along. However, I realize now how much I benefitted from those classes as my career changed due to the low salaries in EMS. I frequently worked 5 jobs in the field to support my family of 4. I am an American Heart Association Instructor for ACLS, BLS and PALS along with being certified in PHTLS. Although I have been in involved in many rolls in the medical field; I have always worked and enjoyed EMS the most.

                From 1985 through 1987 I work for Coffee Regional Hospital EMS as an EMT / AEMT. I was initially hired as an EMT student and rode as a third person out until I completed the EMT program. I worked with an excellent group of Medics. Many of them are still some of my close personal friends to this day.

                In 1987 I left Coffee Regional Hospital EMS and worked with Wayne County EMS as a Paramedic until 1995. I was fortunate to be able to work with some icons in the EMS field. I experienced more people walking out of the hospital after a full cardiac arrest here than anywhere else I have worked. My co-workers, legends in the field, Steve Sikes, Conrad Moseley, and Randy Moseley are no longer with us, but they will never be forgotten. The group that remains out the original 9 shares a very close bond and I will be forever grateful for the mentoring and education in the field I received from them.

                Beginning in 1994 I started work with Okefenokee EMS Inc. where I am currently the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the company and also serve the role of RN/Paramedic and Supervisor. Mr. Mallard hired me to work weekends while I was enrolled in nursing school. Little did I know how this company would change my life. I have worked in a full time and part time status since the beginning. Regardless of what I changed in my education, I always found my way back to Okefenokee EMS. It was meant for me to be a part of this great company.

                From 1998 through 2000 I worked for Wayne Memorial Hospital as a Critical Care Nurse in their ICU/CCU. This was a great experience for me and I was very fortunate again to have very exceptional co-workers and supervisors. I continued to work part time for Okefenokee, Wayne County, and many other ambulance services during this period.

                In 2001 through 2005 I serve the role of Staff RN & Health Server Administrator for the Ware County State Prison. I worked as a staff RN for 1 year and then accepted the HSA position in charge of 5 state facilities. I gave a thirty day notice and was paroled in 2005 to my relief.

                From 2005 through 2009 I served as the Nurse Manager for the Wayne Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. I really enjoyed this position. We had an excellent staff and a great team. We moved to the new hospital during this period. I was very proud of how the staff adapted to change and went above the duties to achieve a National award for most improved patient satisfaction and care. I was offered a full time position with Okefenokee EMS as QA Coordinator and was honored to accept.